Monday, January 7, 2008


Does absence make the heart grow fonder? If so, you must be really fond of me by now! I am trying hard to manage my time to allow for more quilting on the longarm, so that means I have to limit my time at the keyboard which sucks up many minutes without realizing it. Last Friday I had such a nice day off from work and good hours on the machine and Leisl here to keep me company! And since I was working on her quilt, I could get her impressions as I moved along. This quilt is looking good, my freehand feathers are better all the time. I'm disappointed in the fact that I have a wrinkle in the back, need to find out if it is caused by something I did as I mounted it or quilted it. I did finish hand-stitching the binding on a lap quilt for the store which I can take with me today and put on display. It is a pattern by Valori Wells, big blocks and borders and I used a variety of fabrics, some brocade, velour, woven and regular quilting cottons by Moda in brown, red, turquoise. Looks kind of like something from Pottery Barn. Finished 1 sock last Thursday and cast on the second and got through the ribbing last night while watching Ratatouille. I like my Netflix subscription, I wouldn't take the time to stop and pick out a movie otherwise. Bob and I went to see the National Treasure sequel Saturday, we had re-watched the first one last week and I think this was just as good and had more humor in it. Worked in ICU yesterday, it was only an 8 hour shift and I had a lot to do so it went fast, barely had time for a quick lunch. I'm getting stressed by the fact that I don't have my 2 samples ready for new classes at the shop so tomorrow will be dedicated to that. I have posted a picture of my all-time favorite quilt. Need to go pack my lunch and head for White Bear--Happy Monday!

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