Friday, August 22, 2008

It's a Hat!

Not that I have any imminent babies around here, but I got interested in this book, borrowed it from Maggie (thank you thank you), promptly knit up the Rainbow Marley and it is sooo cute!  I heard an interview of the author, Susan B. Anderson, on a back podcast of Craftsanity.  Maggie had showed me her book awhile back, but hearing the story behind the book got me interested in looking into it more closely.  Then I remembered this "antique" yarn I have, purchased when I worked at
  The Yarnery in 1980.  It is called Roly-Sport and was made by Wm. Unger Co., I don't think it is made anymore, maybe the company doesn't even exist now.  But I had 5 colors and it looked about the right weight, so I gave it a shot and it worked!  Not hard, the little topknot was kind of a pain in the behind to do, I was very tempted to cut corners and not do as many tendrils as the instructions said, but now that its done I am glad I followed the instructions.  Now I'm off to meet my Posse (minus Leisl plus Marilee) to cruise the fair, won't be weighing myself for a few days!

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