Friday, August 8, 2008

of yarn and such

I am hoping to finish up a sock today, I am at the toe decrease so that is good.  This pair is for my dad, my second attempt to give him something to keep his toes warm through the winter.  My first sock for him was way too big, luckily I only made one and sent it to him to try on.  So I got that sock back, but haven't made its mate yet because it was a skein of yarn that isn't big enough to make another sock of the same size, and I haven't been able to dig up a matching skein anywhere.  So now I am waiting to meet someone with one large foot!  The pair I am finishing now will hopefully be closer to a good fit.  The yarn is Fortissima Colori, a wool/poly blend.
I chose to stay home from Knit Night at Shepherd's Choice last night, feeling kind of bogged down with a sort of a cold that has me all stuffed up, sneezy, sniffly.  So I got some quilting done on a project that is pretty different.  It is a charity donation quilt made by a friend from the hospital, she is contributing it to a fundraiser for the Emergency Nurses Association.  She collected men's ties from people associated with the organization and healthcare, so it is pretty unusual.  I am done with quilting the black background, now outlining the ties themselves.  It is an interesting challenge!

I am also showing you a finished knit lace scarf, it turned out nicely, a project from Borealis Yarns.  Surprisingly, a new shawl pin that I was just recently given is a perfect match for the colors of the yarn!

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