Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm possessed!

Do you ever see yourself doing something and wonder what in the world was I thinking?  That was me at 2 this AM knitting like a crazy woman on something I had no business doing, given the fact that I should have been #1 sleeping or #2 quilting if I am up at that ridiculous time anyway!  After swearing off knitting except for socks (ha!) I have been tempted and unable to resist some other little things like these:
The Hawkeye Hat from Kathryn Ivy, it's not done yet, it gets a brim like a baseball cap but I haven't been able to satisfactorily pick up the stitches to do that part of it yet.  It is probably destined for Dan, seeing how he is the one most wearing hats.  It is knit of a washable wool from Moda Dea, and should look better on a real head than a plastic bowl!  I really like the swirl on the top, it should look pretty cool when it is finished and blocked.  Shouldn't it be called the Radar Hat?
And then there's this little ditty bag that was my downfall last night, just couldn't sleep so rummaged around to sort of organize some of my crafty supply stuff that was strewn about, spied this turquoise yarn that I just had to have once upon a time but had no plan for, combined with this little pattern called the Mini Drawstring Bag from Fiber Wild in Galena, IL.  My bag is way bigger than the pattern since I am using bigger yarn and needles, but it works except I don't like the pokey DPN's (those wicked double point needles for all you non-knitters).  Since I don't have a circular in the right size and wouldn't have found a store that would be open at 2 AM selling knitting needles and allowing me in the door in my pj's I persevered until my eyelids finally got weak.  The yarn is Ella Rae Kasbah cotton/acrylic.
And then there are actually socks on my needles, I am on the downhill side of this pair:

It's a yarn called Soles and More, washable wool, from JoAnn's.  Here are some small quilt projects that have been getting my attention the last few days.

The bird on the left will go into a bag made from an Indygo Junction pattern, Grommets and Grids, using large drapery grommets.  The fabric is by Anna Maria Horner and is decorator weight.  The penguins are in a baby quilt, a pattern I have used before, Roll Over by Bean Counter.  It's a sample for the store, we have the whole group of fabric coordinates.
So tonight I hope to get lots of sleep!

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