Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Just couldn't resist writing at least a little something on this special date! Think of all the babies born today, they will always have an easy time writing and remembering their date of birth!
Today we visited the International Quilt Study Center in Lincoln, NE. It was somehow rewarding to arrive at this very nice center that deals entirely with quilts, textiles, and their history. I guess it sort of legitimizes what is a focus of my own life, not just some casual hobby about making "blankets"! I spent about 90 minutes there and that was the short version. I would love to go back there with some quilting friends. Might be a road trip in the works! It took us 8.5 hours to drive from there to home with one stop to eat and one stop for gas. Thank goodness Bob really is content to drive long distances, today I was very tired after a poor night's sleep so had a hard time behind the wheel. Very good to be back in our own comfortable surroundings tonight. I love to go places but home is always good!

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