Tuesday, September 8, 2009

lots of miles

Tonight finds me in York, NE, at the end of another good day. Had a short stop at Material Girl Fabrics in Grand Island this evening, just before closing. It is a place to return to when I have more time. More unusual fabrics than almost any other store I have visited. Joanne was working and was very reasonable about accommodating my late arrival, if we hadn't lost an hour today it would have worked out much better! Dinner tonight at Chances R in York as recommended by Joanne was very tasty.
The odometer turned over to 200,000 miles in my trusty little Saturn as we flew along the interstate in western NE near Ogallala this morning. It was cause for a little (very little) celebration. We purchased this car in 2000, so that gives you an idea of all the driving I do! This drive has been so much more enjoyable than the last time we did it which was December 2007 through ice and snow and blizzard conditions. There was a lot of pretty scenery that I didn't see on that trip because the visibility was so poor and we were just trying to stay on the road! Tomorrow night we should be home in our own bed again, which will be very welcome!


Daniel said...

I cannot believe you were taking a picture while driving 70+mph! For shame...

Just kidding. That's pretty cool that you were able to get a pic of that. You sure know how to put the miles on that car.

Pam said...

Calm down, Dan, because I wasn't driving, I was simply obstructing Dad's view in order to get this fabulous picture. He only swerved a little!