Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thank you Leisl!

An angel came to my house yesterday, her name is Leisl! She came to do the finishing work on the what has become known in our house as the Great Tablerunner Adventure. So now there are 15 completed runners ready for their trip to Plumpjack in Squaw Valley. Accompanying them will be the mother of all tablerunners, which is near the finishing line. These 15 will grace the round tables at the reception, they measure 14" x 82" (or thereabouts). The mama runner measures 7 yards (yes, that's 21 feet) by 21" and will cover the center of the very large head table. The brown color doesn't show up very truly in these pictures, but it is much like a Hershey bar! They are all wholecloth, in other words, one continuous strip of fabric with a wandering quilting design sewn edge-to-edge. I quilted the brown fabric to a layer of thermore, a thin poly batting and a layer of muslin. Then Leisl sewed them all to a piece of the plain brown fabric, right sides together, stitched all around the perimeter except for a turning hole. Then she turned them right side out, pressed the seamed edge straight and flat, and closed up the hole. Then topstitched all around the outside edge. She used my Juki machine and I swear I have never known it could go so fast! She saved me a lot of time but more importantly saved me some worry about getting these all done! Here's a little closeup of the stitching:
And one more item of importance, Bob's golf game has earned him an award:
I am so glad that Bob enjoys getting out with his golf league every week (or more often) to have some fun with his buddies.

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MissesStitches said...

I can't wait to see these table runners in person at the wedding. And I can't wait to see you!