Sunday, February 14, 2010

on the home front

Yesterday Bob had a hankering to indulge in some special cooking and when we saw a cooking show about grilling pork roasts, he knew he wanted to try this. Who knew that Balinese BBQ could be so good! The spices in this concoction were incredibly aromatic, especially when they got heated up. He used his handy-dandy rotisserie to do the cooking, but it could also be accomplished in a regular grill or oven. We both loved the result!
I happily finished up a big quilting project yesterday, you can read about it on the Bear Patch blog. It took me a good chunk of time to decide what to do and then to carry out the plan. I am pleased with the outcome, but I do find something like this very challenging. I know that this will be a quilt that will draw viewers who come during the Shop Hop specifically to see the quilt and get the pattern. I'm not necessarily comfortable with that kind of pressure, because even though Laurel designed and constructed the quilt, I know that the quilting that I add can really enhance what she has already done and make it something that people will like. Or, it can be so-so (or should that be sew-sew), and leave me wishing I had done something else! I guess we will all see come April 30!
I have recently prepared some new samples for my pattern, Going Sewing, and had so much fun using selvedge edges from a variety of fabrics. I'm going to offer it as a class at Bear Patch next summer as part of my series of accessories for those who sew.
We are quietly celebrating Valentine's day with Bob in the kitchen again. This is so fun! He is making risotto, scallops, and green beans. Yummo!

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