Thursday, March 25, 2010

give a little

Two more little quilts are heading for a good home. I will take them to Deb as part of her growing collection of donations to Twin Cities Quilts For Kids. The pink one on top was unearthed when Debbie E. cleaned out her sewing room, it was done except for stitching down the binding so that didn't take long to finish. See what good things can come from a little cleaning out! The other was made by a woman who participated in the QFK sewing day recently at Bear Patch Quilting Co. and she dropped it off at the store after she finished it. She hadn't quilted before but came at the request of her granddaughter so they could spend the day together. Thank you!! If you have a notion that you might like to spread a little love to kids who need it, please check out the QFK website to see how you can participate, or contact me!

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