Thursday, March 18, 2010


Who remembers the Spirograph!? This was always a favorite of mine, I really loved making up designs of arcs and circles within circles. So I really enjoyed quilting this quilt from Debbie made of Spirograph fabrics. I even tried to mimic a little spiro action with rings of circles stitched into the blocks. I think this is the Take 5 pattern by The Teacher's Pet. The fabric is called Anything Goes and is made by Exclusively Quilters and is available at Bear Patch Quilting Co.
I have developed some heel and foot pain recently, and it has been getting worse rather than better, so today I admitted I had a problem and sought advice from some shoe experts. Ended up with these new Haflingers.
Already adorned with threads, which will probably be a constant presence since they are made of wool felt and I am always into threads. But they do feel good on my feet, so there is hope. The shoe guy said I had nice feet and liked my socks, so it was a win-win situation. He got my money and I got to feel good about my lowly feet!
Found out about an interesting situation involving a possible copyright infringement on this website. Read it and tell me what you think.
The plastic is coming off the windows! We cover most of our windows with plastic during the winter, and this week has been the second spell of warm weather, so it's time to get those windows open! There's hardly any snow left, but since there's still plenty of March left I suppose there will still be some snowfall. I have been finding myself giving more thought to what life would be like living in a place without snow, and liking the idea! Kind of the opposite of #1 son Dan, living at Mammoth Lakes, CA, where they have had well over 400" of snow this winter! And he thinks it's just about the best place on earth!
Stopped in Target last night to look at their new Liberty of London products. I have always lusted after those Liberty fabrics, they are so fine and lovely. So I was very interested when I saw the Target commercials about new Liberty items, I never would have equated Target with Liberty of London! I saw some tableware, clothing, and paper products. I was very good and resisted temptation to buy, but as I have been thinking about it I really think I will go back and get one of the coffee cups to add to my collection of mugs. For a long time, I have collected coffee mugs and cups whenever I see colors or designs that I like, plus souvenirs from vacations. Makes for a nice cupboard, it is a delight to open the door each morning and choose the mug that fits my mood or brings me a memory of places visited.
Time to get caught up on a couple episodes of Project Runway--what will the next challenge be?


Chris said...

I LOVED Spirograph!

MissesStitches said...

Beautiful quilting! I love your circles and circles and circles and circles...

Daniel said...

Very interesting link. Down with Fabri-Quilt for their blatant theft and refusing to admit it when caught red handed!

I miss your awesome coffee cup and salt/pepper shaker collections.

mascanlon said...

Whether or not Fabri-Quilt has the designers on staff they are certainly responsible for the end product. I won't be buying any of their fabric since thats how the do business.