Monday, March 8, 2010

Let your fabric do the talking

One of the steps in the process of quilting is deciding what to stitch on the quilt. This step can sometimes be a stumbling block for me, especially if the customer doesn't have any specific wishes. Some customers might tell me that they want a particular type of quilting, or motif to work into the design, or price point to achieve. Others will simply say "Do whatever you like". So then I have more decision-making to do, which has a good side and a bad, depending on the day and my mood! The quilt I am working on right now is destined for a baby on the way in Debbie's family. The mother-to-be had a hand in picking out the fabrics and colors. It has lots of dots. As I was looking at the quilt, I knew I was going to put my little clamshell-like-thingies in the center portion, but thought it would be fun to give the borders a little different treatment. I doodled around a little in my head and then realized that the graphic layout of the dots was a perfect setup. I guess you could call it connect the dots! And when I started laying on the stitching lines curving in and out between the circles, it created a really fun design.
The little narrow border has little stripes which became my guide for stitching at intervals along those lines. Didn't have to measure or mark a thing! I think this quilt will look good in baby drool!

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MissesStitches said...

That is an AWESOME quilting design, Pam! It's beautiful, and I like that it doesn't have to be marked. You're so good at coming up with these things...