Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm back...

Back in the comfort of home sweet home, recovering from 4 wonderful days of family, fishing, food and lots of fun! We returned to McArdle's Resort on Lake Winnibigoshish, here's a few of the highlights:
That's Cade with me and one of my favorite fishies, Willy the Walleye! Cade is 6 and lives in Memphis, this is his second fishing trip and he better come back next year because I think he brings me luck! His dad, Trevor, is our nephew and personal meteorologist, which unfortunately didn't keep us from getting chased off the lake by thunder and lightning one afternoon. This fish was a keeper, it was just under the "slot size", which means I didn't have to release it. Walleyes measuring 17" - 26" are in the "slot" and cannot legally be taken from the lake, so the population will keep growing. So you better believe that we keep the measuring tape handy and feel a bit of regret when we land a nice big one that has to go back in the lake. Oh well, we still had plenty to eat 3 meals for 34 people and enough to freeze and bring some home.
Here's a precious picture of Grandma Hansen and the grand and great-grandkids (minus the Obens who had to leave early)---
One of the first things we have to do when we get back home is check on the plants and flowers, do some watering, etc. Our water lily in our little pond is blooming, it is beautiful. It's good to be home!

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MissesStitches said...

Nice catch, Pam! And your water lily is truly beautiful, too.