Friday, June 18, 2010

welcome to my world

I have been putting in some hours lately between EQ (Electric Quilt design program), cutting mat and sewing machine while concocting what I hope to be something wonderful for our MN 2010 Statewide Shop Hop. I am ready to show you a section of it---
I think I have it to the point where I am done fussing with the layout and measurements, and ready to move on to the quilting. And compose the directions in understandable format! Since Moda is cutting 5" charm square packs and the featured panel print is designed in 5" squares, a portion of the quilt uses those. And I'm already thinking about all those other wonderful 5" squares I have stashed away, they will easily slip into this pattern in the near future! This just gets better all the time!

My June project for the Posse Pledge to Finish, I have completed this little tabletopper:
It is sooo Iowa! Yes, the state bird is the goldfinch! I purchased this at Country Threads the last time I was there, probably 2008. I sewed it together and then laid it aside, but rescued it from oblivion so now it can rest on the table at my Mom and Dad's house. We get plenty of goldfinches at our own house, somehow they don't understand that they are supposed to stay south of the border!

After I finished the sewing of the MN quilt yesterday afternoon, I took a look around me and decided it was high time that I did a little cleaning up in the sewing room. It was kind of like a festering wound, gradually getting more irritating as my messy piles grew and grew. Well, the wound has been opened, drained, irrigated and covered with a nice tidy dressing so I can show it to you--

This used to be a bedroom and is on the second floor of the house. The big double windows face west and I included a shot to show you some of the view that I enjoy there. When I purchased my longarm, the only place it would fit is in the basement. I considered moving all of my sewing down there, but I love this room and the great view of the trees and sky, so it has stayed right there. It does mean some trips up 2 floors and down 2 floors many times, but until I am too feeble to pull myself up those stairs, it stays put. I have my Viking 830, Juki mid-arm, and Bernina serger all lined up ready to go.
Next to that is the cutting table, which is just a dining table raised up on some stilts that Bob engineered for me. The plastic storage drawers just fit under the table, and hold scraps, beading supplies and misc. crap. In the corner over the table is a suspended TV and a bulletin board of inspiration and mementos.
On the wall opposite the window I have my Martha board, so named because it's a Martha Stewart product from KMart and bigger than your average ironing board. (I don't think Martha can do anything small.) And showing that I need to change the cover, starch is my friend but not the friend of the cover! Back in that corner is a grey metal medical supply cabinet that I rescued from one of my former places of employment as it was going to the trash, and it serves me very well for a lot of my small items. Each drawer has a metal label slot on the front, so I can keep it organized.
In what used to be the clothes closet, I have a good portion of my fabric stash. Probably one of the best things we have done to make my sewing life easier is this closet. We removed the bifold doors and installed shelving from the lumber yard. The drawers hold fat quarter size chunks, sorted by color. The open shelves hold bigger cuts of fabric.
No way am I showing you my "overflow" room, which houses lots more fabric, kits, books, patterns, yarn, and more misc. crap! It's in the bedroom right next to this one and not nearly so neat, and would be really can hardly be called a bedroom right now!
Well, after the cleanup ended, a funny thing happened. I just sat in my chair and gazed upon the space, MY space, my territory, and felt the need to just stop and ponder for a moment. Reminding myself how lucky I am to have this space. I haven't always been able to have this room of my own, so I can appreciate what a difference it makes in my life. It allows me the chance to open my mind to more new ideas and possibilities.

I want to also show you a sewing room that has me green with envy! I have come to know Heather Mulder Peterson, designer of patterns and fabrics known as Anka's Treasures. She shared pictures of her mother's sewing room on her blog, Trends and Traditions. Now this is one sewing room that I could just live in. Maybe have Bob throw me a crust of bread now and then. I don't think I would ever want to come out! Well, a girl can dream!

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MissesStitches said...

Your studio looks great, Pam. It's good to count our blessings, isn't it. And Heather's mom's studio is to die for! Yes, we can dream, can't we...