Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Several busy days here lately, with family here to visit, work and play, etc. So here's a couple random things:
I have another quilt pattern popping out of my head! I'm seeing stars! This is the start of my design for Bear Patch for the MN Shop Hop fabric designed by Holly Taylor for Moda. It's all shades of blue with some fun little scenes depicting the wonder of MN in winter. Gives me a shiver!
Had a fabulous time last Saturday at the wedding of Anne and Tim Sheridan, here you will see that we do clean up OK! This is Bob, Brita, myself and Ben, pausing between dances!
Finally got around to potting up some plants for our porch and patio, and at the nursery I spotted this very unusual corkscrew plant that I just had to have. It was the only one left there, so I gave it a good home with this little petunia. The knotted and twisted spikes really unique, at least for this area.
Had a bunch of rain yesterday, which sadly cancelled the plan for golf for Bob and Ben, but over an inch means everything is really growing now! Tomorrow we get to drive to Iowa so we can examine the crops along our route. Taking Ben and Brita with me to visit the grandparents, celebrate a 60th anniversary and a wedding over the next 3 days. What fun!
Hey Dan--will this do for now?


Daniel said...

Looks great!

Do you know the name of that plant? I'd love to track one down.

Pam said...

I do remember that the plant tag had the word corkscrew on it, but I carelessly threw it away so can't tell you more right now. I'm sure we can find out somehow. I know if there had been a dozen at the nursery I would probably have purchased all of them because I like it that much!