Tuesday, October 12, 2010

extreme makeover

A few weeks ago I shared pictures of some of my favorite "older" quilts. Now here's the rest of the story...
In 1975, when we were given this quilt for a wedding gift, it was accompanied by another work of art created by my sister, Jan and brother, Jared. It was a cross stitch sampler that matched the quilt, framed in a custom wood frame. Jan did the stitching and Jarry did the nailing. We hung it on the wall in our home for a long time, but it had not seen the light of day for awhile. I pulled it out of a storage box and found it very well aged, and not nearly as lovely as it was meant to be. So I decided to rejuvenate it. Here you can see the before and after--
The difference in color is not due to lighting! The linen fabric had yellowed dramatically, and was spotted and dreary looking. The frame was just fine after a little dusting and polishing. But the needlework needed some TLC. I used Vintage Textile Soak, a product made just for this problem.
After a nice long soak, this is the water that I poured out of the pan--yuck!
Now, after pressing and remounting, this sampler is making a reappearance in our home! Thank you Jan and Jarry!


Daniel said...

Wow! What a dramatic difference in the before and after.

MissesStitches said...

I'm so glad you were able to restore it, Pam! It's hard to believe it got so yellow with age, and how nicely it cleaned up. Good job!