Thursday, August 12, 2010

more old stuff

Not sure I want to classify this one as an antique yet, since it was a wedding gift for us! That would put us on the list as endangered!
May 16, 1975. Entirely cross-stitched and hand quilted by my mom and grandma (Sally and Nora), at least that's who I remember making it. It has had some wear, the batting feels very thin and some of the embroidery floss has loosened in spots.
This picture of the border makes it look as though there has been some color bleeding, but I didn't see that when I was looking at it so maybe it's just an odd reflection. I think this was made from a kit purchased from the Lee Wards catalog. This shows the stitches more clearly:
The quilting is a cross-hatch design over the center and a scalloped wreath along the border. Very precious to us, it was used many years on our bed and now is safely stored.

Very happy to report that phase one of the craft closet cleanout has been accomplished, even though it took 2 fans blowing on me to keep my sanity intact! We have had a hot humid spell this week, and because this work was done on the upper floor of the house, even with the AC set lower than normal it doesn't cool up there as well. Making several trips to the basement (28 steps down and 28 steps up) to relocate some of my things wasn't nearly as dreadful as usual because it was nicely chilled down there!

My reward for sticking with the job was popcorn for supper at the local movie theater! There weren't a lot of compelling movies to choose from, but we settled on Salt, which turned out to be the female version of the Bourne movies.
The ending is perfectly set for a sequel, so we can expect more from Angelina Super Spy, I think. In fact, I would bet on it!


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Daniel said...

What beautiful work. I suppose it really makes you appreciate all the technology you have now-a-days to assist in your creations.

Got a delivery today of some "Mom's Good Granola." Thanks Mom!