Friday, April 1, 2011

Brita sews!

See Brita sew. Sew, Brita, sew!
All kidding aside, didn't this pillow cover turn out great? Brita is learning how to run her sewing machine, and helped me stitch up a couple spots of color for her couch. To spark up the oatmeal for Ben!
This fabric was a remnant that I nabbed at a shop in Colorado last fall, and is designed by Anna Maria Horner for Free Spirit. It's always a good feeling when something that I like is also something that my daughter likes! A nice change from some of the teen years when it was more of the opposite. This is from an older fabric line so I think she is looking online to buy some more.

These cute little zip bags are from a pattern called Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo.
It is made with the Double Diamond Ruler to make that interesting little cutout on the front. The ruler helps you cut little V slits that are then folded back onto each other, laid on top of a backing fabric, and result in a new design element.

Although I don't own an e-reader, I am ready for one with this cover and tote that I have made for an upcoming class at Bear Patch.
The fabric gives me a happy feeling. It comes from Adornit, a fairly new fabric design company with a scrapbooker influence. The pattern is E-Cozy from Whistlepig Creek. They also have a pattern for the Ipad cover, do you suppose if I make the cover, the Ipad will come?

I have spent the morning cleaning and doing laundry, so now I am rewarding myself with some sewing time. All is right with the world!
Rabbit to you, Jan.

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MissesStitches said...

Rabbits right back at you, SisterStitches! Nice to see Brita's success with pillows.