Tuesday, November 9, 2010

back to those scarves

Time for another knitting update! Never really thought I would be knitting ruffles, but this is a fact! I am strangely drawn to this scarf even though I'm not a ruffle kind of girl. I saw it displayed at Knitter's Palette and was intrigued by the technique used to make the ruffly edge. So I stepped out on a limb and purchased the pattern and yarn, this is out-of-the-ordinary for me, most of my knitting projects are free from Ravelry or printed in magazines or scavenged in other ways, and I seldom have the exact yarn called for so am constantly making substitution experiments. Not sure what came over me at the time, I think it might have been Debbie's influence since she was with me! And we were embarking on a fun trip together so kind of feeling free and easy. Whatever, I think it's kind of interesting to think about what motivates me to buy something, I find that right now I am motivated to buy very little and I kind of get a kick out of resisting the urge to respond to ads and commercials. Is that normal? Weird? But back to the topic--
pattern is "Molly" and comes from Classic Elite Yarns, maker of the Liberty Wool I am using. The booklet and yarn are available from the above-named yarn shop. I am using the 7898 colorway but there are several options to choose from, both solid and variegated. The yarn is a very nice worsted weight 100% washable wool. The ruffles are created by making some short rows on each side of a ribbed center section. The short rows are not hard to learn, it involves some turning and took me a little practice at first so I had to start over once, but now it's going smoothly. I kept loosing track of where I was in the 4-row repeat, but now I have a little system going and haven't lost my place again!
Now, back to the quilts!


Claudia said...

Love that scarf !! Could you send me the name and maker of the pattern... I looked at that site and could not find it.. I would LOVE to make that scarf...
Great Job !!!

Pam said...

Glad you like the scarf, that pattern is in a booklet published by Classic Elite Yarns titled Liberty Wool, which is the name of the yarn used. I have since found out that the Liberty Wool yarn has been on short supply, but I'm sure the ladies at Knitter's Palette could recommend a substitution.