Monday, April 30, 2012

packing up is hard to do

A few more things added to my list of done, or at least worked on!
This is the Suzi from Lazy Girl Designs, it is designed to be used as a purse insert or in my case, a clutter catcher!  I made the smaller of the 2 sizes and it turned out well except for a mistake on my part with fabric placement.  The Lazy Girl patterns are always a pleasure because she has such good step-by-step directions and pictures in full color.

I added a row to my spiderweb selvege quilt, it is growing little by little.  And my box of selvege strips just seems to replenish itself!

I started cutting out and sewing these little halloween kitty blocks--
that will eventually make this quilt--

And I added 2 more blocks to my growing pile of batik BOM blocks, and added them to the slide show here.  Thirteen down, about 15 to go!

We retreaters are all assembling, gathering and packing our belongings, which takes some doing when we have been occupying this space for a whole week!  We start the road home, and I have to say it will be good to sleep in my own bed tonight!  A big, big thank you to my housemates for making this a trip to remember.  And looking forward to our next time!

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