Friday, April 27, 2012

pot patrol

Remember a couple of days ago when I told we were experimenting with cement?  Today was the unveiling!  Drumroll please!
They were mostly successful, we did have a couple of casualties that crumbled into rubble.  But most of them came out of the molds without too awful much trouble.

And then there was this one that lost the bottom, makes for very good drainage!

 These 3 are the ones that I worked on, and I like the results so far.  Enough that I might make some more at home.  They still have to dry quite awhile before they can be used.  The squareish one with 4 holes has pretty shallow openings and I hope to put some little hens and chicks in there because they don't take much root space.

I spent a good portion of my day working on something that was new to me.  I had a collection of Cuddle fabrics from Shannon Fabrics that I made into a very nice, comfy, cuddly throw blanket.  The fabrics were all conveniently pre-cut and packaged for this purpose, all long strips.  I followed the instructions I found in a very helpful video.

I had to improvise a bit with the binding, but I got it done!  I had some trepidation about the slipperiness and stretchiness of these fabrics, but I found it to be much easier to work with than I expected.

I completed 3 more star blocks and updated the slideshow posted earlier.  The blocks are getting smaller, although that doesn't show in my photos.  So far I have done 12", 10" and 8" blocks.  Next are 6".  There are 20+ star blocks to be made, so I think I have about half done.  And then there are several "filler" strips to be made before it all goes together.  

Here's a fun little project that was the last thing that I did last night before heading off to bed.  It's the Coffee Cup Cozy from Country Fabrics.

And here's a new version of my own Flour Power apron pattern--

And that's all for now, folks!

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