Saturday, November 10, 2012

a minor change makes a big difference

Not very long ago I showed this picture--

And shared my thought that I wasn't altogether happy with it, the gray solid was the problem.  I replaced it with white and I like it so much better!

That's sort of what I thought it needed, but I thank Debbie for giving me the nudge to make the change.    Today I had sewing time with some of the women from my Ham Lake Piecemakers group, and I started sewing the rows together.  Hard to tell from the picture above, but it is assembled with partial seams on the horizontal rows.  That's why you see those strips sticking out to the right.

I get to embark on a quilt retreat in just a few days, and I will finish it then.  Along with the numerous other projects that are bagged and packed to go!  Looking forward to the time away, plus Thanksgiving on the horizon and a trip to Montana after that.  I have been researching quilt shops and yarn shops in the vicinity of Whitefish so I will be able to give you a field report.  And this trip will be even more special because we are visiting son Dan in his new place in Whitefish, and riding the train to get there!  The train ride is something like 22 hours, so I plan to have some reading and knitting ready to go.

This scarf, though lovely, will not be riding the train!  I keep getting stitches and rows mixed up in the pattern that makes the diagonal lace rows, so I have to work on it when I can work undisturbed.  I am making slow progress on it.  The yarn is fantastic, super soft, and given to me by Dan after a trip to Alaska.  It is partially made of muskox hair.

 I have finally finished all the sewing on this star quilt--
shown here before all the stitching was done and a few blank spaces can be seen.  It is a great quilt and will make a great class to learn precision piecing, because believe me when I tell you that this one took attention to detail.  Borders have been added and it is on the quilt frame.

We enjoyed a great afternoon here with some sunshine following the rainy start to the day, and pleasant temps that let me go without a jacket--woohoo!  An experience that won't be happening much for the next few months.  Time to dig out the winter gear and get the ice scrapers tuned up!


MissesStitches said...

I really like the quilt with the white background instead of the gray. I'm glad you figured out what could fix it for you.

Daniel said...

That qiviuk scarf looks beautiful!