Friday, November 16, 2012

fabric fun

This has been a very busy group, lots of seams sewn (and a few ripped!) and much sharing of ideas.  Several Christmas gifts are in the works and some, in fact, are done!  We love that 4-letter word--DONE!

This is the Fire Escape pattern by Atkinson Designs, made by Amy who always works at full volume!  That's her down below, literally, crawling on the floor for measurements.  Check out those borders!  So straight and flat, she's a pro.  

A wonderful applique project that Marva is putting together after taking a Kim Diehl class from Fabrictown.  This is done by machine, but could be done by hand if that is preferred.  I think she is doing a great job and learning a lot.

Cindy is beaming over finishing this one, great color combo.

This last one is something that I made from fabric donated and recycled into a little boy quilt for donation to Quilts For Kids.  The brown strips running crosswise were cut from a well-aged fabric from my own stash.  I had to laugh when I started working with it, I found some cat hairs here and there.  My cat died in 2001.  So it was a good thing to finally use it!  And now I can get it finished up and some little boy can enjoy it when he is feeling under the weather.  Don't worry, I will wash all the cat hair away!


Brita said...

I love that appliqué. And I love thinking about some lucky little boy getting one of your quilts to snuggle up with, when he wouldn't have one otherwise. It's so nice of you, Mom.

Pam said...

And I love that you know what applique means!