Monday, March 11, 2013

hello again

A week and a few days ago, I showed you what was happening on the retreat I attended and helped host.  Initially, the plan would have required much of my attention to help with the meals, preparing, serving, and clean-up.  Well, I was liberated from the role of scullery maid thanks to Debbie's very wise decision to employ a local caterer to help with most of that--wonderful!  So a few of my own desires were fulfilled and I really enjoyed my time.

I put most of my new hexie blocks up on the design wall to get an idea of how it was shaping up.  

This is such a contrast to my Civil War version:

These are all the same block designs, just a whole different world of fabrics.  I am using a different design for putting them all together, also.  In the second picture, you can see a traditional setting style with equilateral triangles inserted all around the hexagon blocks.  Well, actually, that picture mostly shows blank spaces, but you can get the idea.  For my newer version, I am using little rectangles of white as spacers between blocks, and a little bitty triangle at the corner intersections to get the spacing right.  Took me awhile to figure that one out, I didn't have any pattern to follow.  It was one of those puzzlers we all encounter, when you can picture what you want but don't know how to make it happen!  And it was one of those "Ah ha!" moments when I should have been sleeping, when it dawned on me what shapes needed to be where.  Some of the blocks in the middle of the red and blue have borders sewn on, and there are quite a few more to go.

Now on the reverse side of the sewing spectrum, I turn from tedious handwork to the marvels of computerized sewing:

 A closeup of one fourth of the block below, showing a little detail.  The block is built with applique and thread in different combinations.  The sorta light blue areas aren't fabric, it's a variegated thread on the cream background.  The light brown points with pale grey circles is another fabric.  The quilting design on the cream background is all computerized from designs by Sharon Schamber, an outstanding professional quilter whose work I have seen in shows and classes.  I've always wished I could quilt like her, and now I can!  Here's the 4 pieces laid together:

They will be joined together but I am waiting for my next class to learn the correct way to do that.

Here's a little pillow top design that I put together as a pattern and distributed at our recent Bear Patch Sew Creative Event:
Tumble Rumble by Emmaline Design

I made it with the One-derful One-Patch Tumbler Template by Marti Michel.  A very neat tool.

And here is a new pattern I have written:
Spring Fling by Emmaline Design
A computer (EQ6) rendition of it, until I get the real thing quilted and ready for a picture.  It uses the Creative Grids 2 Peaks in 1 ruler or the Tri-Recs tools.  

Our big lifetime achievement last week was the first birthday of our first grandson!  We had a little family birthday party, and were pleased that my mom and dad could join us, too.  Wonderful that Ian knows his great grands.  Poor guy wasn't quite at full steam for a couple days, because he got pinkeye for his birthday and he was kinda irritable with that.

 But itchy eyes don't stop the birthday cake!  He was fascinated by the candles, and then happy to dig into the cake and frosting!   Since he wasn't his usual smiley self, our picture below looks kind of funny, but makes a good memory of the day--

He looks kind of skeptical of Gramps, don't you think?  Well, it might be good to keep an eye on him, he has tricks up his sleeve!

Enjoy today!


MissesStitches said...

All of your quilting look fabulous! I love the hexies. Your new idea of the little rectangles and itty bitty triangles looks nice, but I don't know about all those tiny triangles. I might choose the regular triangles between hexies.

Pam said...

Others have said something similar (maybe not so politely!) about those little triangles and the rectangles that I am using. But as I look at it, I don't see that there are many more stitches this way than the first way. You still have to sew something to each side of the hexie block, or am I looking at it wrong? Oh well, I love a challenge!