Friday, March 29, 2013

learning sashiko

Everyday life on the beach includes dogwalking, surfing.....

 and sweet little flowers that have to work really hard to survive the wind and salt.

And inside the Sophie Hearst Social Hall, all is cozy and warm--

And we are in California, after all, so there is wine. After a busy day of stitching, we need to relax and unwind!

  Yesterday afternoon is was warm and sunny, so we could sit outside on our little deck, hear the ocean waves, and enjoy the scenery.  I also stitched together 2 of my hexies:

That was before the wine!  Those little stitches would not have worked very well mixed with alcohol!

But back to our class, and the reason for being here.  Below is an example of the work of our teacher, Sylvia Pippen.  This is a fabric applique image of a tropical flower (lobster claw or something like that?) combined with the white stitching, or sashiko, in the background to resemble stems or branches.

Next is my own picture made from one of Sylvia's patterns.  It shows splashing waves with the sunset (or moonrise, depending on your perspective).  The lines of the waves are just drawn on there for now, and I will stitch them in the sashiko style like above.

I thought this would be a good remembrance of my trip to the ocean and the full moon we just had.
Jan's project is below:

Little flowers floating on what will be a stream of swirling water.  A lot of time and attention to color and detail have gone into those little flower petals!  But the effect will be a masterpiece!

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MissesStitches said...

Just to clarify. The glasses of wine are not as large as they appear in the photo.