Wednesday, March 27, 2013

reporting from the west coast...

 Oh, what fun to get out of the snow!  And end up with my sister, Jan, at a wonderful quilting retreat at Asilomar, just south of Monterey, CA.  Although it was an early start to the day (flight left at 6:15 am), it was worth it.  Jan picked me up at the San Francisco airport, and after some rearranging to get my big ol' suitcase wedged into her little car, we headed south on 101 to our destination.
Asilomar State Park Beach as viewed from our room.
This is a resort-like development of a State Park area that is perfect for conferences, etc.  We are part of a large group of quilting friends staying here for classes and fun for the rest of the week.  The Empty Spools Seminars have been a gathering spot for quilters for quite a few years, and Jan has attended before.  This time I get to be part of the fun!
Some of the housing and conference rooms.
We are both taking classes taught by Sylvia Pippen to learn about the Japanese art of sashiko, combined with applique.  Here is my learning sample, trying out some different threads--

Next we will be working on other designs and techniques, with the goal of creating individual wallhangings.  I have a ways to go!

And this is what happens when you run with scissors--

Poor Jan, she had a little bit of a headache.  Happy to say she is recovered already and will keep on stitchin'!  (Don't try this at home.)

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MissesStitches said...

It really wasn't too painful, Pam! And it's a good way to keep one's scissors handy!