Tuesday, April 9, 2013

a little knitty

Over the past weekend, I had some free moments and a baby sweater to finish.  I started this earlier this year, and need to get it done while it will still fit my Ian.  The pattern is in a book by Debbie Bliss, and it is appropriately titled Letter Sweater.  I have all of the components finished now, and even got to try it out on Ian to make sure it would fit over his head.  He has been putting a lot of energy into growing that brain, and I already have had trouble getting a t-shirt to fit over that noggin!  I have clipped together the sleeve and sides.  Then I went looking for my trusty knitting bible--Knitting For Dummies.

And I learned a few important things.  I haven't made a sweater like this before, so didn't know that I should wet block it now, before making those final seams.  Wet blocking is pretty simple, I always do it for the other knits that I make.  I gave it a gentle handwash in cool water and a bit of detergent.  Then I laid it out on a spare bed on a towel, and used a measuring tape and some pins to "stake" it out into the correct shape.  As soon as it is dry, I will be back with my Dummies book learning how to correctly finish those seams.  I really do like this sweater, and have already been wondering how to convert it into a vest and make it a bigger size for next year.  So you may not have seen the last of this little knit!

I also wanted to share another idea with you that I put together for my hexie group at the store.  I always have a bonus project for them each month, and this is one of them.  I found this lidded plastic storage box in the $1 section at the Target entrance, and went to work with needle, thread and glue.  A little batting, four 1" hexagons on a background and a strip of ribbon for the edge made up into a nice little trinket or sewing box.  I love special little storage containers, whether re-purposed or scavenged or  discovered at a store.  Making them over with my own style brings a little feeling of accomplishment!


Daniel said...

Ian is so lucky to have such an amazing grandma!!!

Pam said...

I have to keep up with BUE!

Brita said...

BUE, and BGA, you are both wonderful!