Friday, April 19, 2013

what's happening around here

A brief look at the photo below might make you wonder about my purpose in displaying it here.  Well, the fact is, that is one of the side seams on the little letter sweater that I made for Ian.  Apparently, if you read the directions and then follow the directions, you can get a pretty good result!

So good that the seam is nearly invisible on the right side!  And I did try mightily to get a nice picture of  Ian modeling sweater on Wednesday.  I have seen some great pictures by another blogger of the wonderful knits that she makes for her little guy of nearly the same age, so I wanted to give it a try.  I'm not sure what her secret is, but every single picture that I took of Ian was a blur.  He would not sit still long enough to click the camera, so you will have to see what he looks like with a jacket over the sweater!

We went out for a stroll Wednesday morning in his fun little wagon.  It was a good day for playtime, and we even went for an outing to my friend's house to see some of my quilting friends.  We stayed and helped them with their stitching for awhile, ate a little lunch, wowed them with "So Big" and then waved goodbye!  They seemed very impressed!

Then back on task with some quilting that is on a deadline.  This one has now been delivered to Debbie--

The next one, Sewing Scissors by Bee In My Bonnet, is on the frame and ready to be stitched.  The backing fabric is the next picture, perfect for the theme of the quilt.  And actually designed by the Lori Holt, the Bee In My Bonnet creator, for Riley Blake fabrics.

When I can grab a few minutes I am back at my sewing machine putting together the rest of the blocks for this--

22 rows of 12 blocks each.  I am actually really enjoying putting together these tumblers and will have them done before long!  Which is a good thing, since it has to be quilted soon, like this weekend, so it can be all finished up and hung at the quilt shop for the new class display.   So, I have my work cut out for me, and the fact that there is about a foot of new snow in the yard doesn't bother me one bit!  Too bad Bob's golf league had to be cancelled last night, it would have been hard to find those white balls in the snowbanks!


MissesStitches said...

Your quilting on Debbie's quilt looks fantastic! And I like the tumbler quilt. Interesting choice of colors. I like them.

Pam said...

Thanks! I can save a tumbler kit for you! Or maybe you would like the 1" EPP tumblers instead?