Friday, April 5, 2013

not done with Asilomar yet!

I have been going over pictures to try to keep them organized in groups, and wanted to share a few more things from my trip to Empty Spools at Asilomar.

One of the women in my class used to have a pet frog, and she used a photograph to recreate her in fabric!  First of all, I never knew anyone who had a pet frog, and on top of that, anyone who was talented enough to applique the frog!  Good job, Linda!

Another person in the group wanted to make a project involving pine branches, and look at those wonderful pinecones she made from a batik print!  The needles will be stitched in sashiko.

When Jan and I stopped for lunch in Pacific Grove, I saw this beautiful little plant in a pot on the sidewalk.  Such a nice contrast to the snowbanks back home!

We had a chance to walk around to other classrooms while we were there.  In Libby Lehman's class, they did a lot of "threadplay" on their machines and used a circle attachment.

The picture below is another example of the use of thread to make a simple design look more complex. The blue and purplish areas are all thread stitched closely together and shaded to create the illusion of twisted ribbon.

Ursula Kern was another guest instructor.  She teaches a method to take a little picture and convert it to a work of art.  In the upper left you can see the original picture, marked off in a grid.  Each section of the grid is then blown up and converted into fabric pieces sewn together.  Amazing!


MissesStitches said...

Great photos! It was sure fun to be there, wasn't it.

Pam said...

It was a very special experience that I will always remember. It's good to have a sister!