Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Comforts of home

So good to have a vacation and so good to be back in my "natural surroundings" again. 
We had a good deal of rain during the last couple of days in Cumberland. The rain along with wind really brought down a lot of the beautifully colored leaves. I was glad I had taken this picture before that. 
Again, I was experimenting with the panorama feature on my new camera phone. This one was a success. Also still getting used to writing a blog post on this thing!  I haven't figured out how to resize pictures, move them around, align type and pictures, and create a live link. Any guidance or tips are welcome!

Sharing a picture of a great quilt put together by Joyce--
The silhouette blocks were a printed panel. The choice of the colored leaves on a black background is the perfect complement. 

I added some rows to my applecore quilt. These are big, about 10" or so in the long direction, so despite sewing slowly for all of those curves, the quilt grows quickly. 

Just a couple more rows, I think, to get the size I want. I consider this a "free" quilt. That means no fabric was directly purchased for it! It was from pieces already in the collection or obtained from repurposed pieces.

Now to get busy on my list for the day!  Plenty to check off before I get to go play with Ian tonight!

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