Saturday, October 5, 2013

stitch by stitch

A bunch of pictures coming your way!

The Girl Gang:
Back row:  Nancy, Lois, Sue, Mary
Front row:  Joyce, Leisl
 Lots and lots of partial seams in this one!  
The pieces are all together, now it needs quilting and binding.
Jambalaya by Prairie Sky Quilting

A partial tote bag constructed, but I am lacking a good chunk of fabric for the lining.

Mary Lee's Tote by Totes by Sandy

quilty keychains
 Leisl assembled these quilt guild blocks with her go-to sashing design.
This really pulls together a mix of blocks and makes them appear much more cohesive.
Thora Lee's Christmas quilt
 Then Leisl stitched up another Christmas quilt--
Lady Fingers by Cozy Quilt Designs

And I started work on some Christmas stockings for new members of the family.  
One for Ian, one for the next grandchild, and one for a spare!

I keep adding to our row of matching Christmas stockings, pretty soon I will need a bigger mantle!
 Pattern is out of print, designed by Thimbleberries.
 A traditional log cabin made from lots of floral scraps by Joyce.

We are enjoying the pleasure of living sorta worry free for a few days.  It's kind of surreal to be a short distance away from home geographically, but in a whole other space mentally.
I've been experimenting with the panorama feature on my new iphone, so I can show you our sewing room in one big view--

Today is our last full day here, so we are getting serious about getting some projects done!  
More to share in the near future!

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Exciting - new Christmas stockings!