Wednesday, February 26, 2014

embroidery fun

I am learning some great new things for my sewing machine functions.  I think this all supports my sewing habit, and further justifies the purchase of fabric and notions!
I have started embroidering some designs on the machine that will go into a little "quiet book" for the grandson(s).  This is called R is for Robot and comes from the OESD company via  The very best part of this project is the 3-D glasses that come with it!  When you look through those glasses the thread colors seem to come to the front or recede to the back, giving that 3D look.  Maybe it will be more fun for the grown-ups than the little boys, but that's fine by me!

And down below is the collection of stars that I have embroidered to make a wall-hanging size project.  There is still quite a bit of finishing to do, but the star embroidery is all done.  I have to trim down and then sew together all of these blocks, then decide whether to continue on with the embroidered border blocks, or just call it good and but on a binding!  I am leaning towards the latter, what do you think?

I am spending the rest of the week at Bridge Creek Cottage in August, WI, for the Bear Patch retreat for machine embroiderers.  They are arriving soon!  I am part worker bee and part sewist on this trip, so I can help with serving the meals and clean-up.  It's a good group of women, mostly known through our connection with the store.  Very fun to spend the time together, and last year I learned so much from everyone here.  I am fighting off a cold and experiencing some laryngitis, so not much of a conversationalist.  I am not normally know as a jabberjay to begin with, but having this squeaky voice that comes and goes doesn't help at all!

Did you catch the reference to The Hunger Games?  Bob and I finished listening to the recorded 3 book series of this story, and have watched the first 2 movies.  Although quite "dark" and tough to listen to in some sections, it was overall a good read.

Two other books recently finished:

Micro is an intriguing story of science gone wrong, just like other Michael Crichton books.  This one is set in Hawaii and involves miniaturization of people.  Itty bitty people that become prey to bugs and spiders that dwarf them!
Roadside Crosses is a mystery novel set in Pacific Grove, a town on the Monterey peninsula of California.  Since I had the good fortune of visiting there last spring, it held names and descriptions of some things familiar to me.  The mystery is wrapped up in the world of online fantasy games and blogging!  Not this blogger!
Both books were enjoyable but not great works of literature.  Right now I am reading Lord of the Flies by William Golding, supposedly a great work of literature.  I heard it was sort of like a precursor to the Hunger Games.  But it has a lot of references to things that don't make total sense to me, either because it was written in another time and place, or because it is bedtime and I keep falling asleep!  I will have to look up the Cliff Notes!

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