Sunday, February 23, 2014

Morning thoughts

A little bit of fun to brighten your day--
A keyboard for my phone!  Yes, our good old typewriter has become an icon on its own.  Do you remember typing class? I think I had the formal typing class in junior high (grades 7-8) and we learned on those big old black machines.  No need to chain them down to prevent theft because they were too heavy to move!

When I was out getting groceries yesterday I gave in to my impulse and brought home a pretty bouquet. 

They might help distract my mind from the cold and snowy scene outside. I don't dwell much on talking or writing about the weather since I pretty much figure that I do live in a spot that is bound to be wintry. But my mind is boggled by the fact that 2 weeks from today we change to daylight savings time!  That usually signals springtime is near but I am not feeling one iota of it!  Our snow is deeper now than any recent winters and our temp is single digits!  Enough!

 The grill needs digging out and there is a table under that snow somewhere. Might need a few more flowers!

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