Tuesday, February 11, 2014

hoping for a gold

 Are you finding the notes of the Olympics intro song running through your head?  Are you hoping they will broadcast at least one more tug-at-the-heartstrings story of an Olympic athlete?  Are you imagining how much that gold medal might weigh when you wear it around your own neck?  Are you cringing whenever those downhill skiers race around the curves and down the cliffs?  Do your knees hurt after watching the mogul skiers?

Then we are kindred spirits!

Some good couch time for a few nights of competition, and time to get back to my English Paper Piecing!  Looks like my sis has the same idea
Here is a section of a larger star nearly done, just that last row on the right to be attached and then the 1st of 8 star points will be done!  The diagram on the paper in the picture shows half of the final goal.  Now that I have gotten through one section, I think I can keep building some momentum and put some more pieces together.

I have all of the diamonds cut out, stacked, labeled and tucked into a box.  I do need some more diamond papers, even though I could theoretically take out a bunch of the pieces I have used from this star point, I think I am going to leave them in place to keep wrinkles at bay.

I have ordered these from paperpieces.com, and will order a bigger pack next time.  My plan is to use this as one of several monthly projects for an English Paper Piecing group that I want to organize at Bear Patch.  I have a couple other projects already done, each with a different shape.  If I get one or 2 more prepared, I will feel like I am ready to roll out the new group with the next batch of class offerings.  Here's another possibility--

 I introduced this project to you last December.  It has grown a little, and I have a few more pieces prepped and ready to add, just not sure what it's going to become yet!

Last week I was spent a very nice day with my little guy, Ian.  He really likes to mimic whatever he sees going on, and he learned how to use the tape measure that day.  Many things were measured!  He thought it was fun to have the tape measure clipped onto his waistband, so he could keep it with him at all times!  There have been carpenters in his basement working on some remodeling, so he is very curious about tools, etc.  With a new baby brother coming along next month, a lot of things are happening to accommodate the new addition.  So exciting!

P.S.--I can see that my mini ironing board is showing a lot of scorching!  I tried to camouflage it by placing that sheet of paper on the worst area, but I don't think I was very successful!  Time for a wash, or maybe even a new one?


Daniel said...

That new star pattern looks rad!

MissesStitches said...

Wow, Pam, those diamonds look great! You're really good at that. And I forgive you for having a dirty ironing board cover!