Sunday, June 1, 2014

and the work goes on....

A few weeks ago, I shared some pictures of the beginning of our kitchen and bathroom remodel.  A lot has been done, and things are starting to come back together.  All of the wood flooring has been done and 2 coats of finish with sanding.  One more final coating at the end.
The bathroom plumbing is all roughed in, and the base of our soon-to-be tiled shower.
And most exciting for me--The cabinets are installed!  They were made for us by Scandia Cabinets.  They are going to all be painted (by the pros) hopefully starting tomorrow.
Here's just a quick rundown:

the broom closet and appliance storage

In lieu of an actual pantry, I have a pantry cabinet!
The look from the back door towards the great room (behind the plastic curtain)

there will be a new fridge in the spot on the left, and an undercabinet wine fridge just to the right.  The upper and lower cabinets in that picture are right next to our dining area, so will be a choice place for dishes and beverage ware.  In the photo on the right, I was standing on the stairs looking down at the new island where the stove will be placed.

All coming together!  And I think we have chosen all of the things (lights, sinks, faucets, etc.) that will be used, except for one light fixture.  I am having a hard time with that because it will be suspended over the end of the island, and a stainless steel and glass vent hood will be suspended over the stove.  So I want a light that is compatible with that, but not too large to be in competition.  I have some good candidates, from Lappin Lighting Studio.  We have picked up our items from all over the city, and after logging quite a few miles and hours of looking, pricing, comparing, etc., we are eagerly awaiting the installation.  More pictures will follow.  In the meantime, we are finding our way through the dust and plastic and household in boxes.  Today we decided we wanted to make some soup for supper.  After 10 minutes searching upstairs and downstairs for the crockpot, black beans, and a few other ingredients, we got it cooking in the laundry room.  That has become our little kitchen, since we are using the laundry room sink for washing dishes.  

I am throwing this fabric picture in here on the chance that someone looking at this might know this fabric or maybe even own some of it.  I need a small amount of it to complete a Lone Star design.  I cut some of the diamonds with the lines going the wrong way, and can't turn up anymore of it anywhere so far.  Maybe you can help me out?

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MissesStitches said...

I love the photos of your new kitchen. That pantry cupboard is the greatest! I hope you find your fabric. You don't know the name of it? Good luck.