Tuesday, June 3, 2014

today the theme is family

I haven't shared many personal pictures lately, but today I am breaking that habit!
Non-quilting related stuff, so here we go---

Bob and I recently celebrated our 39th anniversary!  Hard to believe that such youngsters as us could spend that many years with one another, but it is possible.  And by the way, the idea or thought of "selfie" never existed on our wedding day!  Nor internet!  There were some sort of computers back then, because I remember some kind of punch cards that were used for class registration at college and they were somehow entered into a data base.

Memorial Day weekend was a special occasion, because baby Jack was introduced to quite a few of his family members.  Below, Great Uncles Dave and Larry were discussing something important while Jack slumbered through it all!  We met up with about 8 family members for lunch.

Then we drove just a little further to stay at the home of Great Grandma and Great Grandpa.  We spent a couple of days there, enjoying the early summer days at their home by the lake.
The boys were so good, and entertaining, and full of activity.

We went out to Great Uncle Jarry and Great Aunt Mary's farm, and Ian was excited to see the tractors and machinery.  But the noise of them was pretty scary!

Last Friday Bob and I had a sleepover with Ian and Jack, while their mom and dad went out and re-discovered what it is like to be just a couple again for about 14 hours!
Ian loves his little Thomas trains, and we played on the front step where he could crash them down the steps as often as he wanted.  This was after a walk, and Jack was snoozing peacefully.

And so that's the current status!

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