Friday, June 13, 2014

this 'n that

This is going to be a blend of several things!  I have a couple of quilty-related things to show first--

I have a good bit of work done on the next in my series of monthly wallhangings from Buttermilk Basin.  This is from a group of patterns called "By Thy Hand" and it is the October pattern.  Not hard to figure out with the jack o' lantern, right?!  It needs some quilting and binding to be qualified as finished.  This is #7 for me, and I have been doing different types of quilting on each one.  Partly so the people taking the class can see several options.  Not sure what I am going to do for this one.

Then on the right, is an actual finish!  You have seen this before if you have been reading here for awhile.  It is to be for my own bed, with some bright colors and fun fabrics to add a bright spot in the house.  I made it from my own pattern, Hocus Pocus, and enlarged it to be a good size for our bed.  I got the binding done, with a little help from mom, and now it is complete.  I have some coordinating things to add to the bedroom and make a little bit of a makeover.

Speaking of makeovers, the kitchen and bath remodel are proceeding after a 2 week hiatus!  Our contractor ran into a problem with the paint company he had scheduled, totally unavoidable and no one's fault, so there is no use getting bent out of shape over it.  Finally this week we are back on track with the painters taking over the place.  They have everything blocked off and sealed up tight while they do 3 or 4 spray coats of the cabinetry plus walls.  We have been exiled to the sanctuary of our daughter and son-in-law, well, not always a sanctuary with an effervescent 2 year old and a hungry 2 month old!  But so wonderful to have a handy place to stay and good company, too.

Just before we came for our little visit to Ian and Jack's house, I got this ready for the baby's room--

I ordered it from the designers at Sweetwater's Etsy Shop.  It turned out great!  You can have them made with choices of colors, words, etc.  Their service is great.

Speaking of design, look at the inside of this purple cabbage--

pretty little convolutions, designed by Mother Nature.

Last week I was able to spend several days with my parents at their home in Iowa.  Dad's health is failing, and he needs help with a lot of things now.  One thing he doesn't need help with is his word find puzzle books!  He gets set up in his new recliner and is perfectly content to puzzle awhile.  By the way, this is one of those power lift recliner seats, and it has been a godsend in helping him up and down.  I might want one for myself before long!

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Daniel said...

The new hedgehog quilt look fabulous!