Tuesday, May 26, 2015

a new guy in the house

Meet Phrenic Fred.
I have lusted after him on the shelf at Home Goods for long enough to see the price go to clearance.  So Fred came home with me!

If you are lucky, you can go get your own phrenic head! 
So, why do I like Fred, you might ask. 
Maybe it's the fact that during a large part of my career as a nurse, I worked in areas that had a neurology focus.  The brain is still a mysterious place in the present day.  The "science" of phrenology dates back about 200 years to the time when you could have holes drilled in your skull to release the bad spirits.  If you survived that, without anesthesia or antibiotics, you probably did feel lucky to be alive and much happier!  You can learn about phrenology here.  Fred has a certain air about him, and I am happy to have him in the family.

A little project that I have put together for my next Paper Pizzazz class.  The "shape of the month" for June is the Chrysanthemum, which is like the dresden block with pointy blades instead of rounded.  Every month we experiment with a new shape, and I try to come up with a little project and directions for a way to use the English paper pieced blocks.  I'm not into making stuff just to make it.  It needs to be useful.

So I used a small spring hinge closure to make a little bag for who-knows-what.
It's like the snap closure on the top of some eyeglass cases or change purses.  I had some basic directions on how to use the hinged closure, and I adapted that to make a bag big enough to use the chrysanthemum sample.  I like it!

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MissesStitches said...

I'm glad that you now have Fred (or is it Phred?) in your life. I just hope he's well-behaved! And I like your latest EPP project.