Sunday, May 3, 2015

good things pop up

Something new and fun!

The Fat Quarter Pop-Up, a brand new pattern by Joanne, AKA The Fat Quarter Gypsy.
I met Joanne when she has been shopping for fabric at Bear Patch and followed her progress designing quilt patterns.  She's doing a good job, as you will see when you visit her website.  

Yesterday she was the guest designer at Bear Patch during our Twin Cities Shop Hop.  She brought this brand new pattern and it was the buzz all day long!  The pattern comes packaged with the heavy-duty coiled wire (custom shaped by her own professional wire guy), elastic and even the little label!

Here's my first pop-up, made within the last hour.  It stands up straight, but compresses down to be secured with the elastic so it's ready for travel.  This one stands about 6" high, and other sizes are in the works.  One thing she mentions in her pattern is using wonder clips when it comes to sewing the body to the bottom, but since I can only find 3 of my clips, I ended up pinning.  Hence the 2 blood spots toward the bottom of the bag!  I will be experimenting to see what removes those!

It's great to see something easy and fun, and to hear Joanne talk about it you just can't help but become enthused!  In 2 weeks she will be unveiling the pattern to shop owners from all over the world at the Quilt Market in Minneapolis.  I hope it is a great success for her!


Joanne said...

You're the BEST!!!

Thanks again for proofreading it and trying it put!! I really appreciate it!!

a.k.a. The FQ Gypsy

Daniel said...

Look at those blood spots. I didn't know sewing was such a dangerous activity.

Pam said...

Yes, Dan, I put my life at risk every time I step into my sewing room.