Monday, January 21, 2008


OK, this one's for you, Marilee! You wanted to know about my Tom Tom on my Blog Blog so here goes--

I was introduced to Tom Tom last August when I had the great pleasure of touring New Hampshire and Maine with 3 longtime friends, Maggie, Leisl, and Nancy. We spent a week visiting quilt shops, yarn shops, bead shops, antique shops, along with the usual points of historical and scenic and gastronomic interest. Our rental vehicle was accesorized by the Tom Tom Leisl brought along. This very handy GPS system proved invaluable. Plus kept the driver (Maggie) and the tour guide (Leisl) from strangling each other! Let me explain--these two were both very good at what they were doing, but neither is accustomed to taking orders from others. So having the disembodied directions coming from Tom Tom was a lifesaver, and we could yell at him (we had the proper English gentleman's voice) whenever we felt like it and he never lost his temper.

So when Bob and I decided to drive to Tahoe in December, Bob bought us our own Tom Tom for the trip. Maybe he thought it would spare him from my occasional outbursts when the map is questionable and we are in the midst of intertwining interstates and rush hour in some strange metropolitan area. Sadly not, because I still had the map in front of me while learning to operate Tom Tom. But the thing we learned to make the most of was the access to upcoming hotels while crossing some slimly populated areas, and we had the phone numbers to call to hold a room for us. The picture above was a shot of Tom Tom as we crossed the Great Salt Lake desert. So all in all, it was a benefit for our trip.

A big Happy Birthday goes out to Marilee! Dinner at Ursala's tonight in White Bear Lake was wonderful, I would highly recommend it! Let's have another birthday soon!

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Trixie B said...

I love the Tom Tom story! Thanks for sharing it. Actually, all the stories about your trip are entertaining and hopefully you will share more of them in the coming weeks. A true sign of friendship is being able to travel a long distance by car and still remain friends once it's over. Thank goodness for Tom Tom.