Monday, January 14, 2008

Vines and leaves and flowers, oh my!

Greetings! I only wish I could post here whenever I think of it, since I often think during the day of things to add but don't get to the keyboard. I have had a good time the last 2 days on my long arm machine. I have a quilt to work on for my friend, Deb. L., but thought I could really use some practice using some of the techniques I wanted to put on it. So I mounted up one of my own quilts that has been languishing in the "ready for quilting" category. And I worked on it Saturday evening and most of Sunday, finding some more confidence with continuous curves and vines with leaves and I even learned a flower to throw in there! So today I have started on Deb's very nice quilt with Bear Paw blocks, and so far so good! Did end up taking a break to go to the eye dr., I had called this AM to make my annual appt. and they had a cancellation that I could get in on so that is done. Very little change in my usual prescription, but I have noticed some changes in my vision with reading and the computer screen, having to use the lower part of the lens which means I have to hold my head back a bit and that makes my neck sore. So I am going to try a different lens that is made for office type work, we'll see how that goes. Will take some time tonight to prep for some product demos I am doing at the quilt shop on Wednesday, things like EQ6, Quiltsmart, and Triangulations. I just need to organize what I need to cover and get samples ready. So I am off to my sewing room!

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