Friday, July 10, 2009

Good Morning San Fran

What fun to be able to hop on a plane and within a few hours land in the arms of my family! Brita, Ben, Jan, Dennis, Serra, Nathan, Aurora--makes a very special day!
Nathan, Serra (my niece) and Aurora live near Seattle and were here to visit Dennis and Jan(who shows up in comments and her blog as missesstitches) and our timing just happened to overlap, so I even got to meet precious little Aurora.
Brita and Ben live in an apartment in downtown San Francisco, actually across the street from AT&T Park, home of the Giants. When I was looking out the window I could even see a great big ship out in the bay behind the stadium. That's the little white blip on the right side of the picture!
Brita and Ben took me along to their friends' house (Steve and Kasey) for a little backyard gathering because they are soon moving away. Their place is close to the Haight Ashbury district, many wonderful old homes. Some very pretty plants in the garden--
Which reminds me, I took some pictures of my own gardens before I left yesterday--
The pink lily is just starting to bloom, at least the buds that the deer have left. The clematis is a new plant, I have tried growing them before with no luck, but I am trying a different location and so far this seems to be good.
My hostas have become the the Old Deer County Buffet!
We are always amazed when the deer walk past all the luscious green wild foliage to dine on our carefully tended garden plants! What's up with that?
Brita and I have some outings planned today to choose things for their October wedding, this is so fun! She got word yesterday that their invitations are on the way, so this is seeming a lot more real!

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