Friday, July 17, 2009

odds & ends

Thought I would share this picture of the storm front that our plane passed through over western MN on Tuesday. This really looks pretty harmless, but it progressed to dark grey areas, and actually was associated with some tornadoes in some areas. We missed the tornado, I saw no signs of a wicked witch bicycling anywhere near the plane.
Some other highlights of my trip to San Francisco:
I spent some time staying with my sister, Jan, and my brother in law, Dennis, at their apartment high up in the residential area of the St. Regis Hotel, and the view of the downtown area is always fascinating to me. I can see people below in the park as they lounge, walk, run, play, exercise, listen to a concert, etc.
Vintage ribbons on display (and for sale) at the Ribbonerie. Mostly French. All beautiful, along with all of the not-so-vintage ribbons filling this very cute store.
pretty little leaves growing on a vine-covered wall outside one of the wineries we visited.
Today I have been concentrating on quilting a project for Debbie to go back on display at Bear Patch. It is the BQ quilt from Maple Island Quilts. I'm working on getting better on these fun feathery fronds and I enjoy doing them.

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MissesStitches said...

Try saying "fun feathery fronds" several times in a row! Now drink another glass of wine and try it again...