Thursday, July 23, 2009

Making progress

Taking a little break from my quilting to stretch and breath, then hopefully back on task to finish up the quilting of my newest design. This soon-to-be-published pattern features the 2009 Quilt MN fabrics from Windham, which can be viewed here. I think there are about 18 or so prints in the group, and all have been used in my quilt in one way or another. I hope to have a picture of the finished product by tonight (binding and all!), but I can tell you that when I showed the preliminary sample to some people last week it got pretty positive comments. We'll just have to see what you think! I am running on a deadline here, since the quilt and patterns have to be ready to display one week from today. Getting the actual quilt done is only part of the task. Getting the pattern ready is what remains--write directions, proof read numerous times, check math, calculate yardages, develop diagrams, rewrite portions to make sense to someone who is not me, get it all formatted correctly, get a stunning picture, get the picture and pattern cover info off to Dan, pray that he has time to get it back to me lickity split, proof read, make changes, print it all up(at least I have my own laser printer now and don't have to hang out at Kinko's), get the patterns into bags and to the store to be inventoried and priced and displayed--whew! On other patterns I have had people test the directions to catch mistakes and/or recommend changes, but when I am running out of time I just have to rely on my own skill and intuition to try to get it right the first time. But just last week I discovered a small error on one of my patterns that I had someone test for me, as well as making for myself 4 times, and selling for a few months at the quilt shop, so I have concluded that nothing is foolproof!
Last night we had a meeting of the Posse to pass along our border exchange for round 2. I was kind of stuck on what to do with the center block that Leisl had made and I had to wait awhile for inspiration to strike. But Sunday afternoon it all came together, and by 11:30 PM it was completed. I sure hope she likes it. Even though it is supposed to stay secret, I am tempted to show you a picture because Leisl is pretty much allergic to the internet, we're lucky if she reads her email, but she's also unpredictable so chances are she would just pop in here and spoil the surprise.
On another interesting topic--our robin's nest on the porch is once again occupied--the third batch of eggs! Does one robin do this? Or is this a serial nesting thing for multiple robins? Can anyone enlighten me?


MissesStitches said...

Wow, those MN fabrics are really beautiful! And I can't wait to see your quilt. Please enlighten me, though on your "border exchange." What is it? Does it have anything to do with trafficking illegals past the border guards?

Pam said...

Yes, we are smuggling quilters across the Canadian border, the truth is out! Actually, 4 of us each made a large applique center block, then we pass them to the others to each add a border to each one. Then we get our block back with all the borders added. I posted a picture of mine back in April or May, I think.