Friday, May 7, 2010

Dolly goes to Bear Patch

I help put together the display window at Bear Patch Quilting Co. We change the display every 2-3 months to carry out a theme. Currently, we have a bumper crop of baby quilts on display, and one pretty little dolly in her princess bed. I knew this bed and dolly had to be around the house somewhere, finally after digging around I found them in boxes under Brita's bed. Her old room is my overflow sewing room, mostly filled up with project bags, storage bins, and stuff too bulky to keep in my sewing room. Even though she is all of 30 years old, I still think of it as her room! OK, back to the window--I needed a 14" doll to display some doll clothes that were made for a class we taught. Not quilt related, I know, but we do teach a variety of classes and this turned out to be a fun one. Jeanne, who works with the Bernina department, taught the class and made the samples. Since this picture was taken, Dolly has changed from these flannel pajamas to her summer jammies, since it is getting warm in that window! The pretty little bed and bedding are just right for the display. Thanks, Brita!

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