Monday, May 10, 2010

Fun and games

Batter up!

A little catch-up to do here---things to share, places to go, etc. So, last week Bob and I got to attend a Twins' game in the new stadium. A much debated and much awaited stadium! One big debate is about the wisdom of playing baseball in an outdoor stadium with a good possibility of snowflakes getting in the way. The optimists won that debate, I guess they might have felt a little regret yesterday morning with the white stuff on the ground. Some of our blossoming bleeding heart bushes around the house were nipped and looking very bedraggled. Anyway, our night at the stadium was cold and damp, but still enjoyable and not wet enough to make us get out of our seats. It was a close game, and the Twins won, so we were happy. The fireworks at the end were a nice touch, couldn't do that in the Dome!

My Posse Pals have cooked up a plan to complete 12 unfinished projects, one a month, and hold each other accountable for finishing. There will have to be some reward plan cooked up for sure, although the satisfaction of clearing up some things that have languished on the shelf for awhile might be enough reward in itself. On second thought, NO, there better be some good food and wine involved! So far, Maggie is the only one to publicize her list of chosen projects, which is appropriate since she is the organized one. As for myself, I can say that my first on the list is this:
It's a pattern from Sue Spargo, wool applique on flannel which is all done. I decided to hand-quilt it, which is abnormal for me, but fitting for this project. I am doing kind of a big stitch with 3 strands of floss, I have outlined all the applique and now I am doing a cross-hatch pattern over the rest of it. It's kind of a slow go, but something I think I can complete by June 1, hopefully. Then I will tell you what my next goal is. Still waiting to hear from Nancy and Leisl, are you guys out there?

Finished a quilt for Kristina, I really like these fabrics.
I am writing from the comfort of my little hotel room in Overland Park (outside Kansas City) where I am attending the Machine Quilters' Showcase. Today I had 2 very informative classes, learned some new techniques. Classes again tomorrow and Wednesday and Thursday, along with a show of quilts and opportunities to shop for supplies for my big machine. I'm mostly interested in adding to my thread supply, it's nice to be able to examine the colors and textures instead of ordering from a website. Big storms here tonight, I hope it is better tomorrow.

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