Friday, May 14, 2010

many miles later...

Whoa! 8 hours of driving is enough already! At a little past noon I found myself in the middle of Iowa, actually in the Boondocks--
And looks like I was real close to Williams and Blairsburg, too! Not so close to the Bay of Tranquililty. Or maybe Tranquilty??
It was a beautiful day for a drive, although I tired of playing tag with the semi-trucks on the interstate. I ended up feeling like I was in a game of dodgeball, bouncing in the strong wind between cars, truck and RV's all headed in my direction! The wind turbines were hard at work today, and a lot of wet fields along the way. Especially in NW Missouri, where rivers and lakes were out of bounds. Good to be home, getting unpacked, catching up on things and admiring my new cones of thread!

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MissesStitches said...

Welcome home, Pam! I trust you had a great trip, and I'm really glad you found the Boondocks!