Wednesday, May 12, 2010

field trip report

Going to a show like this is just what the mind needs to bring forth new and creative ideas. Lots of like-minded people, nationally-known teachers, experts in the business of quilting--what's not to like?? This evening I got the chance to walk around the quilts on display and saw so many inspiring ideas. I can't really share pictures of them, but I can share these pictures of quilts from the instructors of the classes I have been in--
These are by Sue Patten, who taught a class in Thread Art, something I had seen her demonstrate on video and now understand much better.
Sue Patten uses the color repeats in variegated threads to create these freehand designs. They have a look somewhat like a machine embroidered design, except these are all done by hand, not computerized. She helped us each experiment with needle and thread to learn the basics of the technique, you might notice that I am not including a picture of my own project, it needs plenty more work to be presentable! Don't you love these grapes?
Bob Purcell of Superior Threads taught an amazing amount of thread info in a 2 hour class. Their website contains a great deal of instructional information that will help you understand much more about thread, needles and sewing machines of all types. It can help you understand ways to fix common problems you might have encountered in your sewing.
Renae Haddadin taught a great class on ways to solve problems encountered in our line of work, as we work to create great quilts for our customers. She shared a lot of common sense and knowledge gained through a lot of experience in working with fabric and quilts.
Some severe weather in the area around here again tonight, so far just thunder and lightning and heavy rain. Hope we don't get any hail, my car has no shelter here and wouldn't look good with dimples!

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MissesStitches said...

That threadwork is amazing! I can't wait to see your own designs. Bob Purcell does give a good class, doesn't he.