Tuesday, November 30, 2010

walking in a winter wonderland

Woke up this morning to a transformed scene outside. Yesterday it was dark and rainy all day, melting away any of last week's snow. The rain changed to snow overnight, and left several inches of heavy wet white stuff on everything. I have really expected to have a power outage or fallen branches with all the weight of the snow, but so far nothing bad has happened. I did wander outside to take some pictures of the prettiness before it blows off--
The pine tree in the picture on the left was a little baby seedling that Brita brought home from school when she was in grade school, and we planted it and have watched it grow into a substantial tree. It is in the back yard, next to a flower bed and wooden fence. That flower bed holds some special memories, my BIL, Rick, had a part in making it happen. He was visiting, and quite ill, but well enough to sit in the lawn chair and give me direction on where to put things. Rick died that year, but I always think of him when I am out there pulling weeds or digging. It also has been the final resting place for several beloved family pets, so there is a special feeling about the place.
This beautiful red cardinal was looking for a bit of shelter under the grape vines on the patio arbor. The only speck of color in the black and white world. Looking at this makes it clear why a quilt made of black and whites and a little splash of red is always so striking.

I haven't had much actual sewing time lately, I've been spending more time on quilting and knitting so things are done for Christmas. One thing that I did get to make was this little zipper bag while at the Stitchin' Trips retreat--
The directions are a freebie from Linda Lum deBono. Another good little zippered bag, this one is lined and finished with no raw edges so makes a very nice pouch, maybe good for a Christmas gift? I do try to make as many gifts as is practical and possible each year, without stressing myself out too much. I try to keep my ambitions in check, and always have a back-up plan in case the handmade effort peters out! The 2 fabrics I used in this project seemed to be made for each other, even though they came from 2 totally different sources at 2 different times!

Now here's a very special quilt! Doesn't this just scream 1969 to you!?
I think that was the year it was made, or near that time, and was the quilt in the room that I shared with my sister during high school. It wasn't pieced, just printed fabric that we hand quilted around the blocks. It reminds me of happy days in that little bedroom under the eaves in the old farmhouse. It was definitely mod, don't you think? This was also about the same time that I fancied myself becoming an interior designer, I have no idea where that came from because I was far, far removed from ever knowing an interior designer! Looking back at my choice for this fabric, I think we can all feel relieved that I wasn't turned loose to design for other people!

Had a fabulous night at the movies last night, watching the conclusion of the "Millenium" series, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest. And enjoying another refresher class in Swedish, too. Multi-tasking is what it's all about!

Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes. --Oscar Wilde


Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love weather, living in MInnesota as we do! Last snowfall I posted a great cardinal photo, and one of green leaves on birch tree (in the snow no less.) To me one of the real joys of winter is the absolute beauty of the changed landscape!

Nice to meet you. Frayed Edges is a superb name! Drop by The Curious Quilter and say hi to a Saint Paul quilter! - Mary

MissesStitches said...

That yellow and green quilt brings back memories to me, SisterStitches! I loved the cheeriness of that print. Do you think that was the first quilt we ever worked on?

Pam said...

Hey Little Sis, you might be right about that quilt and our initiation into quiltdom! Who knew!
And I have looked at your blog, Mary and must say I am quite impressed! I think I will become a regular reader.