Wednesday, November 24, 2010

turkey day approaching

I had a chance to work with my cameraman (Bob) last night while I was quilting and thought I would post it here for you--

We are still learning!
I did finish up this quilt last night, and started on the next one. This one is for myself and I wrote about it already here. I think I will be doing a freehand design over the entire piece, which isn't really large but will be perfect for sitting on the couch. I don't think it has any chance of being ready for tomorrow's couch time so I will have to use a substitute. One thing I am not short of is choices for a quilt to curl up in!
What are you doing for Thanksgiving! We will be having fun just enjoying a day off, but the best part will be spending time with Brita and Ben, celebrating the first big holiday in their new home! Ben will be doing a lot of the cooking since Brita will be working at the hospital (we are very used to this necessary evil since it has happened many times during our nursing careers) and his preliminary menu has me drooling! We will be traveling to visit other family on the weekend, providing the roads are OK. There is snow forecasted for today, but hopefully it will be minimal. On the other end of that minimal snowfall is our son, Dan, enjoying multiple feet of fresh snow in Mammoth Lakes, CA. That's feet, not inches! Luckily, he will be able to spend the holiday with his CA family in San Francisco--thank you Jan and Dennis! However, his drive over the mountains will likely be extended due to road closures. Let's hope he makes it safe and sound and in time for turkey!
Please enjoy your holiday in whatever way makes you happy!

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