Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ornaments, part deux

It was too hard to limit the pictures of my favorite ornaments on my last posting, so here is the sequel!
This is actually my newest ornament, a gift from Laurel on Sunday.
In case you can't make out the contents of the glass ball, there are some little yarn balls with miniature knitting needles. Got a chuckle out of me! In the background you can see one of the funniest ornaments we have, I think Danny made it in Cub Scouts out of a Brazil nut and pipe cleaners for Rudolph's antlers. It is precious!

This is one of the ornaments that always gives me pause when it comes out of the box. It is so simple, yet makes such a statement. I'm pretty sure that we all recognize that little red ribbon loop as a symbol of the fight against AIDS. I not only remember Rick when I hang this on the tree, but also the challenge of riding my bicycle from Minneapolis to Chicago to raise money and awareness. The fun and excitement trumped the sore butt by tenfold!

I have been busy making some Christmas gifts so I don't have many pictures of sewing and knitting to share until after those gifts are delivered. But here is one that is safe to show, I think! It is my second making of the Primitive Pinwheels, and this time made from Japanese fabrics. Several of these fabrics were in a bundle of little squares that was gifted to me. In addition, I scavenged enough to complete the project from old fabric sample cards that were heading to the dumpster at the store. I peeled the fabrics off the cards, washed the glue out and trimmed them up. Voila!
I have framed it in a picture frame for display, it was a nice way to finish it. I am going to be teaching this for a class at the store sometime this winter. Since these are such little guys, it is a quick and easy project.
My mission for today is to finish the presents so I had better get a move on....


MissesStitches said...

I love this quilt, Pam. It's beautiful. Good job.

Pam said...

Jan--you should make one, they are super quick!